Sad Gals reclaim their power.

ALIENCRYBABY explores the reclamation of sadness & unlearning shame as political resistance. The notion of sadness as radical space challenges the sexist gender binaries of weakness and strength, exploring the ways they invalidate feminine experiences of rage, grief or despair (words like ‘hysterical’, whingeing woman’ come to mind). Treating these facets of the psyche with emotional acceptance becomes a healing practice, culminating in meeting the moment with a sense of tenderness rather than trying to stifle it. The self reflexive use of selfies in the prints are a cheeky nod to traditional portraiture; and challenges ideas of autonomy and the reclamation of self through the politicised body, particularly as an immigrant woman of colour navigating postcolonial white-centric social structures, values (and the consequential internalised traumas this comes with) - as well as how mental health is often invalidated within POC communities because of these legacies of colonial wounds. This sense of taking back control looks at ways we can reframe our own narratives, away from the all pervasive white gaze, so that our mental, physical, emotional & spiritual wounds may be addressed. 

Nothing I accept about myself can be used against me to diminish me. - Audre Lorde, ‘Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches

ALIENCRYBABY Riso Print Series

  • Limited edition prints in gold riso print. A3 sized.