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To the sea.

Updated: Mar 10

I met a warrior in the water

She wore teeth around her neck 

And the soft perch of her belly

Was adorned with pearly nets

She held my face to my reflection

As she looked at me and said,

Do you know who you are naked? 

Or drown in clothes to lay in bed?

I forgot fear in that moment

Though it sat inside my mouth 

Like an ulcer made from longing

Or an island amidst drought

There in the blue she asked me

If i could finally see —

See, I used to search in mirrors

Now when i look back, i see the sea.

Just a lil ABCB-style poem to honour this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in LEO. Technically, I wrote this on the 15th January but, like most things we create, it's been taking root for a while.

This moon for me is about tying up loose ends, releasing old traumas via trials by fire, unity, connectedness, heart's desires & entering new phases/cycles. Over the past few days I've been making space and pulling focus, thinking about what no longer serves and why I carried those things longer than necessary. Doing this is never easy, but like all cycles, it is necessary work if we hope to truly move into the next staged of our Highest, truest selves -- aligning with our deepest, truest purpose and how we serve for the collective.

Over the course of the past 18 months, since late July 2017, I have been tapping into my core - facing, accepting & working on healing root issues within my heart and soul. The energy surrounding lately feels kind of like a culmination, but not in an intense-pre-battle way, more like a celebration of a completed cycle. And at all endings, there await new beginnings. And this is great cause for celebration as well.

Sending warmth & strength to all, particularly during these trying times. Remember your resilience & hold each other to resist.

Mabuhay xx

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