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the dawning of the age of aquarius!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Bat-Woman' (1890) by Albert-Joseph Pénot

What is darkness/shadow? I take my cues from mama moon. concealment & revealment, increasing & diminishing, radiance & secrecy — the ebbs and flows. As she waxes and wanes we see potentiality, the promise of light & growth to come, and part of knowing that radiance is being familiar with the absence of light.

While Eve represents the ‘ideal’ (wifely, warm & essentially obedient), Lilith, patron of dark moons, is the antithesis - wild, untameable & unapologetically bringing much-needed chaos to oppressive forms of established order. She doesn’t seek repentance for her desires, no matter how complex or carnal, no matter how much they present a challenge to the status quo (even if the status quo is bullshit). So she gets cast away and called a demon, while lesser versions of her spring forth in pale imitations of a more palatable ‘truth’.

Darkness or shadow is the way we frame our hidden aspects, the parts we tuck away from view, particularly from our selves. Due to an overwhelming amount of ill-conceived ideas about what is good/light, we are conditioned to fear the dark (literally & figuratively) and the hidden aspects of our selves and hidden truths about the world we live in. But what is ‘good’ can only be false if it exists in denial.

This necessary balance can terrify those who fear darkness, but knowing and acknowledging these truths is the easy part. It’s what we know we ultimately have to do with the knowledge once gained, that challenges us. Once you know, it becomes impossible to un-know… I find it’s this required action that scares us the most.

Some have a harder time of letting go of this, and it isn’t a sign of weakness but often signals a present unwillingness to go beyond the comforts of ego or current part of their path. I'm guilty of this as often as anyone and some moments are easier to find their way home from than others -- but striving for honest awareness is key. Though I can be distrustful of those who are unaware of their hidden motivations, there are many reasons for our inability to go deeper, and I believe we need to respect where others are at with their process. It does help though, to set and stick to your boundaries in dealing with those who are more removed from the true depths of darkness, both within themselves and the external world.

It’s always better to know our hidden aspects than deny their existence. Those who deny the dark don't know how they are meant to shine.

This new moon in Aquarius (the progressive rebel), coinciding with the lunar new year, is the perfect time to start fresh; let go of limitations that prevent us from going deeper, moving forward, and shining brighter. The Water Bearer comes to wash away the old order -- systems, cycles and patterns of oppression and discord, and the dark earth is primed for planting new seeds.

There’s a lot to work on and we’re all needed. We all have a part to play. SO WHAT CHA WAITING FOR? Start a-fresh, break some curses, cut some cords, maybe even deepen your relationships - with ya self & with others!

What seeds are you planting?

P.S. This is pieced together from journal entries during the Dark Moon phase and today/night's New Moon.

Today's cards from the Wild Kuan Yin Oracle:

Mabuhay xx

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