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RESIDENCY: Reflections on Unspoken Words

This year, I took part in my first residency with Unspoken Words Storytelling at Yanada Room (Inner West Council). Over six months, I was able to ask myself important questions about my practice: what does daily dissent & radical softness look like, what is radical care, why videopoetry? I learnt about methodologies of care for artists & creative communities; and about galvanising communities through art & storytelling by creating spaces for shared expression and healing.

At our Open Day, we were able to showcase projects we had been working on for a beautiful day of vulnerability and care. I screened my videopoems, 'It takes a community to raise a migrant' and 'George's town pt.2'; as well as 'Dear Ate' which I completed during my time there. I also gave a short talk about anticolonial action, paying the rent, and our responsibility as artists & storytellers to dismantle shitty systems of oppression. The sublime Eunice Andrada & I closed the day's program by leading ‘karaoke therapy’, because what better aftercare is there for a day of vulnerability than collectively singing offkey? I ASK YOU.

I was very happy to be part of this multidisciplinary community of artists & storytellers at different stages of their practice who each brought their wisdom and experiences to the table for collaboration and creative exchange. Big love & thanks to our local softie/art mum, Emma Rose Smith, for bringing her gorgeous cancer sun/cap moon energy. Thank you for holding us in such beautiful space. 💜

Thank you Bakri for documenting our day (@back2back_media).

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