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Post Mercy Rx Lessons, New Moon in Aries & Waxing Moon Vibes

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

A wise woman talked to me recently about the urgency in activism. She spoke about the need to organise & mobilise in the present as a means to influence future actions, and how we don't have time to wait for history to happen because we need change to happen now.

One of the biggest truths I’ve been facing lately, in all aspects of my life, is that time is PRECIOUS. It’s one that’s been burrowing deeper & deeper for a while now — maybe as I get closer to the end of my 20s. The more time I waste pandering to the whims of society’s misaligned constructs of productivity & value, the less time there is to do my bit.

Ofc we all have bills to pay and heavy burdens & pressures to live with... but it helps to maintain perspective. We all have blood on our hands even as we stand by doing nothing, even as we try to forget it. It's not just culpability, it’s our responsibility.

I believe that when we make efforts to align with our highest self, we find ourselves more & more moved in a direction to serve. Serving others & serving love isn't easy, it's not bubblegum cloud covered jumping castles in the sky - it’s hard work which is deeply rooted in earth and spirit. It means being able to see the whole picture, understanding what needs to be destroyed - but also what requires our energy to nourish & renew.

This work looks different for everyone. There are rallies to organise, letters to pen, petitions to share, pamphlets to distribute. But there are also plays to write, performances to stage, poems to breathe into. Whatever the case, it moves deep within us and doesn't deplete us, but fills us up to want to give more... but also able to give more.

We all have passions and skills we can use to serve. Why not use them?! (Before we lose them).

Recently, I've been moving within a cycle of depletion & stagnation. My energy was feeling scattered and under-utilised, so consequently I was myself giving over to allow toxic behaviours and thought patterns. When I find myself in these sorts of cycles, it can take a while to recognise. But if I let it sit with me, I find myself able to deconstruct my life. Like the Tower card in Tarot, these moments, if we accept them and learn from them, allow us to make room for the needed destruction.

In giving space for myself to allow these experiences, I was able to dive into them & find the truths I needed to connect with within myself - thus giving me the drive to act accordingly. Sitting with the truth or reality of these experiences helps us recognise the valuable inherent lessons in them. They can be some of the best teaching moments we can give ourselves.

This might sound hyperbolic but it's pretty accurate. We build so much of our lives around perceptions but if we aren't able to FLOW, these perceptions turn into barriers, blockages or restraints. Change within often asks us to make change without — but to me, we gain the most value from this when we do it in this order. Altering our external factors without preparing ourselves internally is pretty much asking for more strife, more confusion and more agitation. Like running away from our problems instead of seeking to acknowledge them. If we give ourselves the time to face what's wrong, we become more able to set things right.

When the storm breaks and the fog clears again, we see light on the water. Eventually, we can re-emerge better aligned to where we need to be.

Sometimes feeling defeated gives us the space we need to check ourselves & ask what are am I truly making time for? What am I dedicating my energy to which depletes me, and more importantly, why the fk do I keep doing it?

Some things are unavoidable, but what things can we change? What can we do more of to fill our cups and best fill the cups of others?

It’s time to prioritise what’s important. FLOW with the moments. Trust to let go & receive.

Mabuhay! x

Fog clearing over the Deerubbin River (Hawkesbury River); the day after New Moon in Aries.

Cover image: Unknown title by Zhiwei Tu

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