• aliencry

Pisces New Moon - a poem and/or prayer

Updated: Jan 15

When I took the scar off my head was the first time

I truly saw myself, unwrapped

the muddy swaddling and bloodied language

from years gone by - a testament to knowing

a moment taken is gone

in an instant, yet imprinted

ghostlike —

on the periphery of some kind of memory

or perhaps just a smear in the mirror

while i reflect on the un-remembered

yet not-quite-forgotten after all-this-time.

Landmark myself in your landscape

while i rock myself to sleep in this hot bed, cold city

oh heat, do you remember me?

is my skin in your salt

in the waves you call home

in the Pacific?

I pray you don’t curse me

or worse, disown me

but then didn’t I disavow you

all those years ago when I wore shame like a crown

thorns in the earth more than I could know then

The wind chimes your (hi)stories but sometimes

I fear

I can’t understand anymore

I don’t know the questions

Yet somehow in this little house a lonely curtain whispers

With every answer etched into her threads.

Unpick the stitches

and find out.


©2020 by ALIENCRY