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JOURNAL: May-June // New Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Lessons: acceptance, trust, stepping into truth and power, realigning focus

Super-charged powers: heightened intuition, communication, rest, vulnerability & openness

Goddess energy: Bast, Rhiannon, Demeter and Cosmic World Soul & Torch Bearer, Hekate

Animals: birds

Yesterday was a big one emotionally, energetically & physically. The Dark Moon did her thing with a pull to get deep in the dark and greet the unknown & hidden parts as a friendly mentor, whose delivery of much-needed lessons will be inevitably REAL — challenging, painful even, and ultimately for our very best interests. Continuing the process of growth & levelling up is never without GROWING PAINS. It’s no coincidence that numerous light workers I ‘follow’ used those exact words, over & over, in regards to this coming month’s cycle. I even woke up this morning to an email from a clothing brand (that I didn’t subscribe to btw) quoting Mystic Mamma on the topic.

“Acceptance of the discomfort and a knowing that the growing pains are all part of adapting to a higher frequency and vibration can put things into perspective.”

Without going too much into detail, I experienced a culmination of the work & transformation that’s been manifesting for me on the down low, in its own time:

Healing sexual wounds and traumas, reclaiming sexual ownership from un & repressive internalised conditioning.Confronting racism. Accepting, healing & letting go of past traumas to no longer be silenced by them. Confronting ugliness without recreating it.Mother wound work & acceptance.

I got triggered on all these issues in the one shitting day, and I’ll say it happily, that I’m proud of my efforts to navigate those situations in truth, authenticity, emotionality and empathy — maybe even some kind of grace, if I do say lol.

So this month of June I am continuing these lessons and bringing them to fuller practice by being unafraid of my Truths. I’ll be continuing to practice this through more open dialogue with my inner self and others. And by getting rid of the bullshit (literally and metaphysically), and creating/holding space for what is truly needed.

I open my mind to learn more.

I open my heart to hold more.

I open my arms to receive abundance.

I open my flow to know.

A New Moon prayer/petition to the Key Holder, Light Bearer and Cosmic World Soul, Goddess Hekate from Cyndi Brannen, Keeping Her Keys.

Hail Hekate, She who holds the Keys.

Hail Hekate, She who lights the World.

Hail Hekate, She who stands at the Gate.

I stand before you, seeking the key of ________________

Grant this key to me, Mistress.

Shine your light on the path ahead,

Open the gate for me.

May I be brave enough to take up the key.

May I be committed enough to do the required work.

May I be strong enough to overcome all obstacles.

Hail Hekate, She who holds the Keys.

Hail Hekate, She who lights the World.

Hail Hekate, She who stands at the Gate.

Mabuhay xx

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I acknowledge the Darkinjung peoples on whose land I live & work on today.  I offer my respects to Elders past, present and emerging across all Nations on this country - and extend this solidarity to First Nations peoples around the world. From Darkinjung to the Amazonas, from Palestine to the Pasifikas and the so-called Philippines. Always was, always will be.