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Affirmations 02/2021

White text on reddy-brown background. Prioritise what fills your cups & feeds you. Be intimate with the dark nights within.  Know yourself.  Avoid yeilding to the generic.  Be more astute. Let them work to know you.  Observe everything.  Try not judge.  Remember justice is a verb - an ongoing poem, a wild dance. Affirmations by Carielyn 02/2021.

I've been manifesting opportunities for these coming months to secure channels of sustainable abundance for myself & my communities - but this Mx Retro has brought up issues around how I've been communicating my needs, and fears around how I'm being perceived.

Reckoning with joblessness, unsustainable access to much-needed healthcare, depression, anxiety, addiction, intergenerational trauma, sexual trauma, isolation, and the consistent looming of rent & bills, I've been feeling overly stretched & under-engaged at the same time.

Yet every roadblock is a chance to take stock. In what ways have I already outgrown some of these limiting beliefs? How do present circumstances challenge the continuation of recent growth? How do I prevent insecurity or perceptions of scarcity and fear from encroaching on my plans & opportunities?

Truth is, with so much fuckery in this conception of life-as-we-know-it, the truth is freeing. Colonial capitalism tries to sever us from honouring our truth and our innate ease. These insidious paradigms teach us ways of striving without generating, eating without feeding, consuming without complexity or complication.

So for now, I’m starting from home, working from the body.

Asking myself how long I've entertained restrictions on myself and called it 'resilience'.

Identifying where I’ve closed off unknowingly - and finding/making the space to open.

The truth is freeing.

Honouring generative processes,

speaking ourselves into more liberated states.

I live for the moments we awaken to this.

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