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About me (in case you were interested)

daily dissent & radical softness

Carielyn Bermudez Tunion-Lam aka ‘ALIENCRY’ is an emerging multimedia artist, activist & serial-story-peddler currently settled on Darkinjung land of the Guringai peoples. Working predominantly in the medium of ‘videopoetry’, Carielyn integrates her background in screen arts & communications with her lifelong obsession with the literary arts. She is interested in exploring the transitory experience of poetry as a medium which evolves in flux, from written word or ‘page poetry’, to various forms of expression including video, photography, mixed media, sound, movement, and spoken word.

Using poetry, video performance, moving image, and illustration as her weapons of choice, Carielyn explores ideas of ‘daily dissent’ and ‘radical softness’ through a decolonial lens. Her work is imbued with the imagery of care as resistance from the perspective of a class-divergent, immigrant Filipina & Hong Konger woman of colour living on unceded Aboriginal lands.

Often depicting herself in her art, Carielyn’s work explores the body in relation to Earth & nature as a site of devastation as well as resilience. She is interested in the role of the artist as a conduit or channel for cross-cultural dialogues which lend living, breathing space to explore the ongoing ravages of the colonial project. Her art is a form of personal catharsis which seeks to address the wider frame in which it exists. Carielyn is interested in poetic arts & storytelling as a form of healing, believing that shared expression is key to nurturing empowered individuals and creating flourishing, sustainable communities.

Carielyn’s work has been in Mascara Literary Review, Verity La, SBS, and various small press zines & indie publications. She has exhibited work at Lowbrow Denver Colorado; Commune Sydney; Sad & Asian New York; Amber Rose’s Slutwalk in LA; and Usapan Sa La Mesa community events run by Eme Talastas-Dela Rosa. She recently completed a six-month residency program with the Unspoken Words Storytelling community, and contributed art to Bankstown Youth Development Services’ project ‘Stories of Strength’. She is inspired by the art & theory of Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Michelle Cahill, Vandana Shiva, Ninotchka Rosca, Dawn Mabalon, Pacita Abad, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, Audrey Wollen, Lora Mathis, Frantz Fanon, Frida Kahlo & the films of Wong Kar-wai — not to mention the many incredible people who inspire her everyday in worlds of ways.



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